As some of you may know (mainly those who follow me on my Instagram : @valerie_benoit), I have been planning a long trip around the United States for almost 3 months now.

It happens that I also recently entered the new 1st Phorm athlete search. If you haven’t heard of this amazing compagny, they did a first athlete search back in 2013. Fellow canadian Ami Houde won the search, as well as a sponsorship and 10 000$. This time around, they are not looking for 1 but 5 athletes to sponsor and win 10 000$. The rules are simple : use social media to build and showcase YOUR brand. Show the world how you differenciate from others, inspire, motivate. Be the #nextlevelshit ! Not only a pretty face with a pretty body. You have to be bold, seek to inspire. It is not too late to enter if you think you are the next 1st Phorm athlete : www.1stphormathletesearch.com

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to build MY own brand. Of course, Instagram is great. I have a lot of followers, and I post daily. But I wanted something more. So I decided to create this blog. But what if I did something bigger ? Something probably no one has done or is currently doing.

Get ready for the #LegionofBoomTour.

I decided I was going to dedicate a part of this amazing trip to the athlete search, to build my brand. I’m going to be posting on this blog, on my Instagram, and on a Youtube channel as well, about how it is possible to live the 1st Phorm lifestyle everywhere you go. I’m going to post workouts, meals, tips on how to stay active and healthy on the road, some of my adventures, inspirational and motivational pictures and videos, and much more. And I’m going to be repping 1st Phorm all along this wonderful journey.

I will use the original contest hashtags, but also the hashtags #LegionofBoomTour and #1stPhormTour, so keep an eye out for those.

1st Phorm has a clear vision for their brand, and also a clear vision for their athletes. Their mission is to redefine what the fitness and supplement industry is all about. Not only having a lot of followers and ripped abs. Not only a ”pretty pic and a buff bod”.

It’s about how you can make a difference in this industry. Not only be your best self but encourage, motivate, educate, and help your followers to be their best self as well. And that’s exactly what I want to do with the #LegionofBoomTour.

More to come in the next few days as I am leaving Thursday April 24th.

Until then, remember : never settle.


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